WELCOME TO THE PHOTO GALLERY AT 52 MAIN IN MILLERTON, NY! You may know Main Street Magazine as one of the area’s monthly magazines, and we thought to ourselves that we have two great things working for us: 1. we’re fortunate to have great photographers and we showcase their work in the magazine, and 2. we have great gallery space in our office. So why not open a gallery – showcasing our photographers and other photographers in the area? And that’s exactly what we’ve decided to do! We invite you to visit us in person and view these impressive photographs, or you can browse through them here, or you can buy direct by contacting us at 518 592 1135. A portion of all of our proceeds from each exhibit will be donated to a local charity. Read below the specifics of each exhibit to learn more about the charity that we will be donating to.

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Exhibit 3: Jerilyn Scutieri and Peter Lorenzo III


Peter Lorenzo III

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Jerilyn Scutieri

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AUGUST 28 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

b. docktor

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Exhibit 1: MAIN STREET’ magazine’s PHOTOGRAPHERS

Previous Exhibit: August 2016

lazlo gyorsok

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Olivia valentine markonic

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